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8 Foods to boost your sex drive

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

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Is your libido lagging? If you change the way you eat, could bost your sex drive?

You are what you eat. We know that what you put inside your body has an enormous impact on your overahall health. The foods you choose to eat can also have an affect on your libido. There is no miralce "aphrodisiac" food, however there are things you can choose to eat that will have an affect. So here is a round up the foods to eat in order to boost your libido. Oysters

It may not be very exciting, but there is evidence that celery has been shown to increase the production of pheromones in men's sweat. Pheromones give off sexual attraction to attract your mate. When pheromones are increased, it potentially makes a man more attractive to a woman.

Read meat Read meat contaims iron. If you have an iron deficiency you can be affected by the following symptoms, tiredness, lack of energy, low libido, especially in women. Other foods that are rich in iron include seafood, eggs, mussels and dark green leafy vegetables. Chocolate It's good news, there is another great reason to eat chocolate other than it tastes great. It's also good for your sex drive. The higher the cocoa the bigger the boost of serotonin. Also as it is a food that gives pleasure, it can actually be sensually arousing. Cocoa is a source of phenethylamine which stimulates the central nervous system and that has a "fell-good" affect on the body.

Eggs Did you know that eggs contain choline, which is one of the most important fats in the brain, in particular when it comes to your sex drive. Choline plays an important part in the nervous system which makes nerve endings in the genitals and gives you a heightened sense of pleasure during sex. It will help with blood supply to the periphery areas of the body such as the genitals, hands and feet which are essential for good sex. Oily Fish Omega-3 is a healthy fat and if you have lots of healthy fats in your system, you are likely to have healthy blood flow and less inflammation. It also ensures a good supply of oxygen to genitals in order to enjoy better sex. The best sources for Omega-3 are fish, plant oils, nuts and seeds. Tofu The plant hormones found in foods such as tofu can help to boost a woman's libido. Soy has an estrogen like affect on the body and can be great boost in particular for older women. These hormones are acitivated by gut bateria so you should try and eat pleanty of probiotic foods such as yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, pickels and kombucha.

Orange Foods It is important to eat a wide range of colours in your diet as possible. When it comes to your sex drive orange should be your colour. Peppers, pumpkins and carrots contain carotenoids. Beta-carotene from this is converted into vitamin A which helps with a healthy lining of the vagina and allows for greater sexual pleasure .When the lining of the vagina becomes dehydrated it is less lubricated.

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